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Winter 2022


Defense Fully Open

60 episodes · Completed Full Defense , 防御全开 , Defense fully open

Li Xiaobai, who entered the immersive stand-alone game Faerie Continent, joined the Xianyu Sect of the Northern Territory and became the seventh disciple of Feng Lingzi in Misty Peak. But because an unknown person artificially modified the system, he was trapped in the game. Only by completing the final mission: saving the world can you escape. With the help of a system that can increase attribute points by being beaten, and is so dedicated that it can only point to defense, Li Xiaobai started the main storyline: Zongmen Grand Competition. In the competition, Li Xiaobai broke into the top ten with frequent strange moves. Get the chance to go to the Divine Beast Mountain Range, kill the monsters and win the opportunity to study in the Holy Demon Sect. Enter the main plot from here: the beast mountain range. In the forest, Li Xiaobai and Liu Jinshui, the sixth senior brother, made a treasure dragon snake fruit to deceive many elders, but they were captured by the owner of the fruit tree, Xixiu Liuli. Li Xiaobai bought a thousand-mile teleportation talisman from the system mall to help the brothers and sisters who came to support escape from the battlefield. He was trapped in a place and was seriously injured. At a critical moment, Li Xiaobai’s alias Zhang Rui relied on the ancient heaven-reaching talisman produced by the system to escape from danger. Li Xiaobai, who was randomly teleported outside of Gu Yue City, has successfully triggered the main storyline: the entrance test of the Holy Demon Sect. But because of deviation from the main line, the token was sealed. You need to complete the branch line of Guyue City: Young Talents to unlock it. Li Xiaobai believes that the achievement of young talents is the coexistence of money and appearance. Therefore, he opened a Tangneng Yipin store in the city to make money, and bought a beauty skin mask, calling himself Ye Liangchen, so as to avoid the pursuit of evil cultivators. After winning a business battle with an aristocratic family in the city and getting acquainted with the hermit old beggar, Li Xiaobai, who became famous, was invited to participate in the Young Talents Conference. At the meeting, Li Xiaobai was designed to sit in the challenge position. Fortunately, with the blessing of the system, he defeated his opponent. However, young talents did not achieve it. After discussing with the old beggar, Li Xiaobai understood that young talents are people who serve the country and the people and help the world. Therefore, Li Xiaobai set up a green channel to encourage everyone to exchange labor for the time limit for bathing. So far, Li Xiaobai has completed the branch line, unlocked the token, and went to the Holy Demon Sect to participate in the entry test. During the test, Li Xiaobai successfully entered the Holy Demon Sect by virtue of the props produced by the system, passing the three levels of body skills, xinxing, and cultivation. Li Xiaobai met his brothers and sisters. Participate in the Zongmen martial arts competition, defeat the masters of other states, and obtain the qualification to go to the secret realm. At this time, Feng Wuxie came to the door suddenly, saying that Li Xiaobai was found by the evil cultivators pretending to be Zhang Rui, and a group of evil cultivators was attacking the Xianyu sect at this time. Everyone returned to the sect together and fought hard against the evil cultivators. At this time, Ou Yezi, the head of the Holy Demon Sect, made a move to help everyone repel the evil cultivators. Li Xiaobai, who thought he could be free and unrestrained for two days, has no choice but to embark on a trip to the secret place under the continuous urging of the system.


Watch online full: Full Defense防御全开Defense fully open ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Dragon Raja

Garden Culture
16 episodes · ONA Completed Dragon Raja, Long Zu, 龙族

A letter from Kassel college broke the calm life of the youth. The unexpected admission notice, the frightened interview, the surprise rescue under the full view of the public, and the day of freedom to display their heroic spirit. When Lu Mingfei decided to choose the hidden option, the ordinary youth embarked on the legendary road of fighting against the dragon race.


Watch online full: Dragon Raja – Long Zu – 龙族 ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Dragon’s Disciple

12 episodes · ONA Completed 龙蛇演义, Long She Yanyi

The frail boy but with a strong sense of justice, under the guidance of Tang Zichen, a master of Chinese martial arts, embarks on the road of learning traditional martial arts, how to open up and surpass himself. He will experience the spirit of martial arts people who use martial arts to stop the fight and convince people with morality, and also inherit traditional martial arts and promote righteousness


Everlasting God Of Sword

2:10 Animation
26 episodes · Completed Everlasting God Of Sword, Wangu Jian Shen, 万古剑神

 In the world of Jiuyou, Shen Zhenyi, the third son of Abandoned Sword Villa, acquired the ancient martial arts “Wan Zang Sword Sutra”, which attracted the coveted by the martial arts of all corners of the world. The leader of the Demon Sect, Minyiren, fought with him for the sword, but the third son disappeared. A year later, Abandoned Sword Villa reopened the mountain gate, and Shen Zhenyi asked his disciples to teach the “Wan Zang Sword Sutra” in person! The rivers and lakes are shocked by it! Chu Huoluo, a female disciple of Lieyang Mansion, became Shen Zhenyi’s apprentice by chance. As the master and apprentice broke through the puzzle, the crisis was quietly approaching, and when the final conspiracy surfaced, all the reasons pointed to an ancient legend called “Zhanyue Feixian”.


Watch online full: Everlasting God Of SwordWangu Jian Shen万古剑神 ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years!

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Lian Qi Lianle 300 Nian, 炼气练了3000年, I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years!, My Three Thousand Years To The Sky

Bai Qiuran, the protagonist who has cultivated Qi to the 66665th floor but still can’t successfully build a foundation, gets a clue about a mysterious ancient stone tablet. This clue hides the secret method that can help him build a foundation successfully. Bai Qiuran decides to go down the mountain to find out.


Watch online full: Lian Qi Lianle 300 Nian炼气练了3000年I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years!My Three Thousand Years To The Sky – ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Immortal Cultivators vs Superpowers

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes · Ongoing Immortal Cultivators vs Superpowers , Cultivator vs Superhero ,修仙者大战超能力 , Xiuxianzhe Dazhan Chaonengli

The supreme and powerful people in the world of self-cultivation accidentally crossed into the world of superpowers. Most of the people here have various superpowers. They are called “heroes” and fight monsters all year round to save the world.


Watch online full: Immortal Cultivators vs SuperpowersXiuxianzhe Dazhan Chaonengli ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


Immortality (Yong Sheng)

Oriental Creative Color
12 episodes · ONA Completed 永生之无尽仙途

Since young, lowlife servant Fang Han had held the belief that “it’s better to be a beggar than someone else’s servant.” With this belief in mind, and relying on his own strength, he managed to sweep across the world. With an unyielding spirit, he mastered the art of the divine and forged an eternal body, walking step by step into the realm of the Immortals before finally reaching the pinnacle.


Leveling up in a Fantasy World

? episodes · Completed I earn points in fairyland, Wo Zai Xianjie Zheng Jifen, 我在仙界挣积分

When he opened his eyes, he was actually in a different world, bound by a silly system, telling him that dominating the world was no longer a dream! And such good things? Qin Huai gave in and became a 007 wage earner in another world, earning points day and night, and of course the result was really fragrant! Divine soldiers, treasures, peerless exercises, and gentle and lovely little junior sisters, all came to their arms! What is the daily life of Zongmen? Of course, it’s a salted fish on the surface, and a volume king behind the scenes. The upgrade speed catches up with everyone, and one accident can save the whole sect! Who would have thought that the elders of the sects had secretly assassinated, the Demon Sect attacked the mountains, and the four sects of the Immortal Alliance fell apart… Let’s see how the young man grasps the system and dominates the other world.


Watch online full: I earn points in fairylandWo Zai Xianjie Zheng Jifen我在仙界挣积分– ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


My Journey In An Alternate World

Ruo Hong Culture, Xuan Yuan
40 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 我的异界之旅

Young Chen Xiaofan entered an alternate world after he accidentally swallowed a Chaos Orb, and became Young Master Chen, the prettiest man in Muyun City. Although he was adored by all the ladies in Muyun City, he was useless as he was not able to cultivate. With his mindset on going back to his original world, he gave up his stable lifestyle as a young master and went against his family’s wishes determined to walk the path of a cultivator.


Star Field Forty Thousand Years [Xing Yu Siwan Nian]

DC Impression Vision
16 episodes · ONA Completed Star field forty thousand years , Xing Yu Siwan Nian , Forty Millenniums of Cultivation , 星域四万年

Forty Thousand Years of Cultivation” by Wo Niu, it tells the story of the future sci-fi world of self-cultivation. Li Yao, a genius of craftsmanship, has been unable to break through the bottleneck due to the low development of his psychic abilities, and then he obtained 40,000 years of cultivation by chance. Knowledge thus opened up, but still missed the joint entrance examination. With the encouragement of friends and mentors, relying on his own willpower to regain the opportunity to participate in the joint entrance examination, and finally, enter the university of his choice, and step into the story of realizing his dream Star field forty thousand years [Xing Yu Siwan Nian]


Watch online full: Star field forty thousand yearsXing Yu Siwan NianForty Millenniums of Cultivation星域四万年 ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The Shape of the Wind: Siam Era

Star Hunter Animation
20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed The Shape of the Wind: Siam Era, The Shape of the Wind - Siam Era, Fengzi Wuyu: Xian Luo Pian, 风姿物语 仙罗篇

The precursor to the storm is about to shake the entire Wind Continent. A wedding with a lot of inside information has attracted people from all walks of life, making Xianluo City a wrestling field for the seven major sects to fight against each other. The ambitious Lancelot, the outstanding swordsman Hanajiro, the mysterious and wise Kogoro, and the heaven and earth Yuxue who fish in mixed waters, ride this undercurrent, either intentionally or unintentionally. of gigantic waves.

The Shape of the Wind: Siam Era

Watch online full: The Shape of the Wind: Siam Era, The Shape of the Wind – Siam Era, Fengzi Wuyu: Xian Luo Pian, 风姿物语 仙罗篇 (chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub


The Sword Of Dawn

CG Year
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed Long Night Trailblazer , The Sword Of Dawn , 黎明之剑 , Liming Zhi Jian , Changye Kaituozhe

Gao Wei traveled through an airplane accident and appeared on the Loren continent as the ancestor of the Cecil family. In the face of the declining family, he re-expanded the territory, and in the face of class barriers, he used the wisdom of the people. But the crazy and stubborn cultists and the potential crisis of the magic tide are still there, how should Gao Wei face the world that is about to usher in the end of the era…


Watch online full: Long Night Trailblazer , The Sword Of Dawn , 黎明之剑 , Liming Zhi Jian , Changye Kaituozhe (chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season All episode English sub

The Tale Of The Spirit Stone

40 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 晶翠仙尊

The second son of the Qiao family, Qiao Sen, after accepting the “Seed of Reiki” ceremony, inspired “Lingzhi” to develop spiritual skills. During this process, Qiao Sen met Tian Biyao, the female pharmacist of the elders of the family, Huo Bingli, a young killer of the Black Dragon Society, and Feng Wuyang, the eldest lady of the Feng family. At the same time, Qiao Sen collected spiritual stones, opened up spiritual veins, expanded more spiritual plants, showed his extraordinary potential, and became a patrol of the six gates of Jianshan City. After experiencing life and death together, Qiao Sen and Tian Biyao exchanged secrets to help Bing Li regain his life and escape from the Black Dragon Club, which attracted Feng Wuyang’s attention. For this reason, he has fought against the killers of the Black Dragon Society many times and has seen the domineering and domineering of the major sects such as the Evil Supreme Sect, even the low-level disciples. As a secret patrolman, Qiao Sen quickly accumulated spirit stones, increased his training speed, and enchanted more spirit plants. At this time, the aptitude shown by Qiao Sen attracted the attention of the mysterious forces. The monks of the King Kong Temple came to the door, and the Taoists of the Zhenwu Sect invited them. Dahetian, Xue Daomen, and other evil sects also came. Qiao Sen then learned that the Black Spirit Seed and the ancient lost faction “Shangqing”, and that the evil force Black Dragon would want to get the treasure and dominate the world. In the pursuit of clues, Qiao Sen and Bingli fought side by side many times, from enemy to friend to lover. At the same time, Qiao Sen felt that Tian Biyao, who took care of him like a sister, was also secretly in love. To this end, the three of them embarked on a journey to prevent the black dragon from obtaining the Shangqing Xianmen ruins and dominating the world.